Adelaide Fire Breathing from Razed in Flames.

Adelaide Fire Breathing performers are renowned innovators of breathtaking skill and danger!

Razed in Flames does not always provide Fire Breathing, but presents spectacular Explosions and Burn-offs with equipment. Fire Artists can provide exceptional entertainment without dangerous Fire Breathing, enchanting audiences with presence, skill, and unique props.

Fire Breathing in Adelaide is often thought to be a main aspect of the fire performance, in the eyes of the many in the public. This is a paradigm that must be rewired. Fire Eating requires far more technical skill, and other disciplines can be equally as effective at wowing your guests when presenting to large crowds.  For clients that wish to witness large explosions, we advise that the effect achieved by Adelaide Fire Breathers can be easily topped by simple fire staff burn-offs, and/or specialised equipment that has been designed to produce dramatic fire effects.

Many deter from Adelaide Fire Breathing due to its incomparable risk. Flashbacks and gusts of wind can render a practitioner hospitalised for a period of months. Adelaide Fire Breathing is rare in the Flow-Art communities and the practice is often discouraged to preserve the health & good reputation of Adelaide Fire Professionals. It must be considered that Adelaide Fire Breathing displays can be considered as risking one’s life for recognition, rather than obtaining high level techniques through skill & disclipine. Regardless of the prejudice, Fire Breathing is an amazing skill to witness and should be respected like no other. Adelaide Fire Breathing performers convene on the understanding that clean, lower-risk fuels such as D60 or Isopar-G are the most appropriate.

From now on when you witness Adelaide Fire Breathing, be sure to take a moment to reflect on the risk the Adelaide Fire Breather is taking to present to you this fantastic skill. Their dedication and fearlessness is for you, enjoy it.

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Adelaide Fire Breathing Performers

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Razed In Flames offers the absolute best Adelaide Fire Breathing available. We pride ourselves on our performances with assurance of value, amazement and the grandest Adelaide Fire Breathing Professionals. Artists that astonish and surprise, and ensembles that are just as spectacular!

The professionals that provide Adelaide Fire Breathing have been performing in the corporate environment for over 10 years! With the knowledge and techniques of Cirque quality presentation, and our understanding of the corporate entertainment environment you are guaranteed to be impressed! We are the professionals who you want to book an Adelaide Fire Act with.

Talk directly to the performer who started it all. Send a contact form to Adam Lobo and he will walk you through the process of booking an Adelaide Fire Act with Razed in Flames. Adam is a seasoned performer himself and has done countless shows for private, corporate and at home events during his 12 years of entertaining. Adam knows just what you need to make your party or event the one that is remember for years to come! Adam has the knowledge of venue requirements that makes booking a show with Razed in Flames easy as can be. We carry full insurance, Safe Work Method Statements and Technical Performance Riders that already established for most venues,  so booking is a breeze when you hire an Adelaide Fire Show through Razed in Flames Networks!

Make sure your event is the most memorable this year, talk to Adam Lobo to book an Adelaide Fire Act today, ensuring your next event will be burning as bright as possible!

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