Adelaide Fire Eaters from Razed in Flames.

Adelaide Fire Eaters are provided by Razed in Flames Networks. Our performers showcase Adelaide Fire Eating with iron mouths and fearless vigor. Available for booking in Adelaide and the Hills.

Adelaide Fire Eating is one of the unique skill sets present in the world of Fire Performance.  Adelaide Fire Eaters are masters of spacial awareness, timing and breath control. Adelaide Fire Eaters depend entirely on mastery of breath, timing and a total understanding of their skin to perform the feats utilised in Adelaide Fire Eating acts. Fire Eating is the second most dangerous of the fire arts only trumped by the extremely risky Fire Breathing.

If the area is windy, Adelaide Fire Eaters often opt to perform Fire Spinning acts instead, as the slightest breeze will throw off a highly technical Adelaide Fire Eating performance. Adelaide Fire Eaters, when performing indoors, will often request that any fans or air-conditioners present be turned off as the movement of air equals movement of fire… while in one’s facial area this can be quite dangerous as the fanning of the faintest flame turns it into a literal blowtorch. Fire eating should never be taken lightly or dismissed as a skill with a low technical requirement. It is among the rarest and most distinguished of the fire arts.

Should you encounter an Adelaide Fire Eater please offer your gratitude to the individual for taking the time and risking their health to bring you breathtaking skill and finely tuned control that manifest as one of the most astounding performance styles available. I assure you, your compliment to the Adelaide Fire Eater will be graciously received and remembered for many years to come!

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Adelaide Fire Eaters and Fire Eating Performers

Our Adelaide Fire Eaters and Fire Eating performers are easy to book

Razed in Flames provides the very best Adelaide Fire Eating available. We pride ourselves on our continued provision of quality, breathtaking, and professional fire shows in Adelaide. We have team members who will  amaze and astound, with costumes equally as impressive.

The professionals that provide Adelaide Fire Eating have been performing in the corporate environment for over 10 years! With the knowledge and techniques of Cirque quality presentation, and our understanding of the corporate entertainment environment you are guaranteed to be impressed! We are the professionals who you want to book an Adelaide Fire Act with!!

Talk directly to the performer who started it all. Send a contact form to Adam Lobo, and he will walk you through the process of booking an Adelaide Fire Act with Razed in Flames. Adam is a seasoned performer himself, and has done countless shows for private, corporate and at home events during his 12 years of entertaining. Adam knows just what you need to make your party or event the one that is remember for years to come! Adam has the knowledge of venue requirements that makes booking a show with Razed in Flames easy as can be. We carry full insurance, Safe Work Method Statements and Technical Performance Riders that are already established for most venues,  so booking is a breeze when you hire an Adelaide Fire Show through Razed in Flames Network!

Your event will be the most memorable this year! Talk with Adam Lobo to book an Adelaide Fire Act today, ensuring your next event will be burning as brightly as possible!

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Adelaide Fire Eaters are presented by Razed in Flames. The very best Adelaide Fire Eating is what you see when you book with us. Make sure that you book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Adelaide Fire Eaters to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.