About Adam Lobo

Adam Lobo is the director of Razed in Flames. Adam manages the sales, contracts and deployment of talented performers in all Australian major cities (and several in the USA) through his established entertainment network. An entertainer himself, performances by Adam Lobo are intensely captivating, magic and powerful. Adam’s intimate relationship with the fire element reflects in his spellbinding performances. With effortless control of the many props he uses, Adam finds moments, that seem to last eternity, and uses them to connect with members of the audience in a truly unique way in-between the difficult maneuvers and feats of danger he executes . Personalized enchanting moments are shared between Adam and members of the audience while he performs to them one by one. Adam blows kisses of fire betwixt feats of skill and danger all while exhibiting a calm sense of potent power over the stage and his audience’s emotions. Adam performs on his own or with any number of his peers in beautiful bespoke costumes with a variety of one of a kind fire props.

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