Brisbane Fire Breathing from Razed in Flames.

Brisbane Fire Breathing performers are acknowledged for their awe-striking performances. Part of what truly makes them unique is their ability to enchant the audience in soothing but intense performance that really draws them to the edge of their seats.

Innovative and Mystical

Using unique props, these skilled artists seem to smile into the flame and bring a majestic sight to eyes of the audience. Often seen as a main performance, Fire Breathing is one of many types of Fire Performances. Razed in Flames is proud to help promote all the fire arts we do, especially Fire Breathing. Both Fire Breathing takes a lot of skill, patience, and persistence to master, however it is amazing for putting on a grand show for your guests.

For clients that wish to witness larger explosions, we can also help with that! Our performers are trained in the manipulation of props, like fire staff, to make a bigger visual experience for your guests. The Fire Breathers in Brisbane present an unmatched performance with a story behind each one. This art is typically discouraged, due to the risks and dangers, but well trained professionals usually have no issues. Flashbacks and gusts of winds can be the only usual danger for a Fire Breather, so good weather conditions usually need to make requirements.This in mind, this makes the Fire Breather Community fewer compared to other Fire performances. Holding ancient traditions, this art really shows how one can truly dance with the flame. The Fire Breathing performers of Brisbane will display proper safety measures and will explain what they will need from the client while arrangement of the event happens. The performance will undoubtedly be one unforgotten, appreciation to these artists is due in our opinion as they are performing this dangerous skill for others enjoyment.

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Brisbane Fire Breathing Performers

Our Brisbane Fire Breathers are easy to book

Here in Brisbane, Razed in Flames has the Best Fire Breathers available. Performing for over a decade for corporate and private events, these dedicated and talented artists are a spectacular sight to behold. These astonishing performers are full of surprises that will leave your guests in a gaze of amazement. We at Razed in Flames want to help you make your event one that will be remembered for ages. Our artists are trained in performance techniques of cirque quality and are always improving to perform at a greater level. For further inquires about our Brisbane Fire Breathers, contact the man who started it all.

Adam Lobo, Founder of Razed in Flames, is in charge of handling booking processes. Adam has been performing  for over 12 years and has done countless private, corporate, and home events. He will help make the booking process for our Brisbane Fire Eaters simple and help make your event a memorable one. Once you are ready to book our Brisbane Fire Eaters, send us a form and it will be directed to Adam. We carry full insurance, Safe Work Method Statements and Technical Performance Riders that already established for most venues. Send in a message today to begin your booking for the Fire Breathers of Brisbane!

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Brisbane Fire Breathing is presented by Razed in Flames.

The very best Brisbane Fire Breathing is what you see when you book with us. Make sure that you book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Brisbane Fire Breather to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.