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Here in Brisbane, Fire Dancing  is what we do best! Starting off in Adelaide years ago, Razed in Flames now spans across Australia and is gaining momentum in the USA. The Fire Dancers are some of the most elegant and amazing performers the world has to offer, continuously pushing their boundaries, they will put on a show to remember.

Need something unique for your event? Book our Brisbane Fire Dancers!

Sometimes when planning an event, you sometimes find yourself needing a little something to push it over the edge in terms of excitement and entertainment for your guests. This is where our Fire Dancers, provided by Razed in Flames, comes to conquer your needs. We specialize in providing that enchantment that you are seeking. With a simply astounding cast of performers, who are complemented by remarkable skill, you will be awestruck by the way they captivate your guests. Make your event stand out and be remembered! Get in touch now to see how our  Fire Dancers in Brisbane can make your entertainment choice easy.

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Sometimes Fire Dancers are just what is needed to really spark the flame for an event. Book us today and see how we can help!With something they probably haven’t seen before, amaze and impress your guests from the very beginning with our Fire Dancers. See your guests’ faces light up with delight when they arrive and see the amazing performers you provided!

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Brisbane Fire Dancers

Sometimes you just need that bit of help when it comes to figuring out how to best entertain your guests at your upcoming event. It can be difficult to plan and prepare the flow of the evening without having to worry about entertainment issues. This is where our Fire Dancers at Razed in Flames shine!

When it comes to helping out, we strive to be on top of everything and make everything work for you! Tell us about how we can help out and we will streamline the process once you have selected your entertainment of choice. We have the time to talk to you about your venue about how to best facilitate the performance. With a history of performances in many prestigious venues and are familiar with the all sorts of requirements and provision process. We will make sure your booking with us is as easy as possible.

We at Razed in Flames will provide any help or answer any questions you may have about our Fire Dancers in Brisbane.

We know that every event is different in terms of what it needs to be fantastic. After consulting with you about your needs for the event, we will suggest one or more ways we can help. We can arrange a meet and greet with the Fire Dancers.

Get in touch with us to see how our Fire Dancers can provide you, and most importantly your guests with spectacular entertainment!

Some more about the Fire Dancers;

Our Fire Dancers in Brisbane show integrate high level Fire Dancing with the grace and expression of traditional choreography to create outstanding performances that truly showcase their skills. The Fire Dancers are blessed with the ability to tell a story through their movements. When you couple the grace and kinetic articulation of a dancer with the visual impact of the flame, the Fire Dancers are born. It is a unique experience that is incomparable to anything else you will ever witness. Creating an unparalleled presentation, the Fire Dancers in Brisbane use their entire body in complete, fluid, control. The Fire Dancing performances tells a story, one full of freedom, chaos, and mortality while showcasing the true understanding of how one’s body can truly flow. It is truly a hypnotic and empowering sight to behold. Though the Fire Dancers in Brisbane are trained to manipulate basic props, they are mainly trained in traditional contemporary dancing. Fire Dancing is breathtaking to watch and appeals to people of all backgrounds. Networking in major cities all over Australia, Razed in Flames has performers of all types. If you’re not just seeking Fire Dancers in just Brisbane, we have many options to choose from! We love to chat, feel free to message us and let us help you set your night on fire!

Our Brisbane Fire Dancers are easy to book

Razed In Flames provides amazing the most astounding Fire Dancing Brisbane has to offer. Prideful of our performers, the Brisbane Fire Dancers are a astonishing sight to behold. These talented and spectacular individuals will blow your mind in how they “play with fire”. The Fire Dancing experts in Brisbane have been performing for years, learning and practicing Cirque quality performances. Prepare yourself to be amazed!

Talk to the entertainer who began it all. Send a request for entertainment to Adam and he will walk you through the procedure of booking a Fire Dancing performance with Razed In Flames.

As a professional entertainer himself, and with his comprehension of the corporate environment, Adam has done many shows for private, corporate and home occasions during his many years of performing. Knowing exactly what you require, his aim is to make your gathering or occasion the one to remember. Adam has knowledge of venue needs and makes it simpler and less of a hassle for booking a show with Razed In Flames. With insurance, Safe Work Technique Explanations, and Specialized Execution Riders effectively settled for most venues, booking is a breeze when you contract with our team at Razed In Flames.

Let us make sure your occasion is huge this year, talk with Adam to book a Fire Dancing Performance today. We guarantee  if you book with us, your occasion will blaze as brilliant as could be expected!

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The very best Fire Dancing in Brisbane is what you get when you book with us. Make sure that you book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Fire Dancers in Brisbane to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.