Cairns Fire Dancers

Consider the amazement Cairns fire dancers will add to your event!

When you have so many people of varying age groups to provide entertainment to, it can become frustrating trying to come up with something that works for everybody. Cairns fire dancers cater to the young, the old and everybody in-between! It is a sure fire way to ensure that everybody at your event receives the quality entertainment you provide to them.

How many Cairns fire dancers do you need?

We have talented Cairns fire dancers prepared to rock your party out! Perhaps a solo stage show will suffice? If you need to really step it up a notch, perhaps hiring 2 or three more Cairns fire dancers will provide the extravagant stage show you require. We have all the right moves and costumes to create that magical moment that your event will be remembered for!Book a fire show now

Is your venue a tricky one? Cairns fire dancers have it covered.

Razed in Flames has over 10 years of experience in the fire dancing industry, we have the task of liaison with the venue down-pact! Sometimes it can be a concern whether or not your venue will be able to have our Cairns fire dancers attend your event. Check out our safety page for a few brief items on the issue of safety or simply get in touch with us to begin the process. We will provide you with all the relevant documentation that is often needed to have a venue host Cairns fire dancers for your event. You can always ask us to strike up a conversation with the venue if you are unsure of how to go about it. Just let us know what you would like to book and where and we can begin liaison with the venue on your behalf!.


Unsure of what to book? Check out the options for Cairns fire dancers.

Is it a stage show that you need? How about Cairns fire dancers that entertains while they move through your venue’s main area? Or is it a medium to big event that needs a couple of locations to always be showcasing some Cairns fire dancers? Or does the quality of your event need to be demonstrated to your guests as soon as they enter the area with Cairns fire dancers welcoming them in? We know that not every event is the same and have some structured formats of entertainment for you to choose from!

Cairns fire dancersMeet and Greet – Cairns fire dancers welcome your guests into the venue and showcase their fiery magic on either side of your entrance.

Ambient Entertainment – Fire dancers are localized to your important locations and perform in that area over the course of the event.

Roving Performers – Walkabout entertainers move through your venue with smaller props that allow them to glide through large crowds.

Stage Show – Cairns fire dancers take the stage and present fully choreographed entertainment pieces.

Get in touch today to see how easy it is to have Cairns fire dancers raise your event to the next level!