Melbourne Fire Shows from Razed in Flames.

Melbourne Fire Shows, provided by Razed in Flames, gives stupendous and an exciting display in the medium of the fire for your next event.

Melbourne Fire Shows, are guaranteed to excite and impress all who have the chance to witness. WIth a wide range of different types of fire performances, our artists will always surprise and fascinate the audience. We display our ancient art of manipulation of fire by dancing with the flame using unique props. The performances Razed in Flames provide are exhilarating and include many of the most sought after types of Fire  entertainment such as Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Twirling, and Fire Dancing. Melbourne Fire Shows present these exhibitions as living pictures that clearly and beautifully show the intensity of the flames surrounding the entertainer. Ensured to make the occasion and the venue one that is remembered for years to come.

Melbourne Fire Shows are displayed in such an astounding and professional medium, it is truly incomparable to any other performance. To give the right entertainment on the night, book a Melbourne Fire Act, with the fire performers working together with you and your extraordinary occasion we can make brilliant scenes of magic and mystery that you and your guests will always remember.

When ever your event or occasion needs some sort of show or a large attention grabber, book a Melbourne Fire Show to ensure you and your guests will be beyond satisfied! The only requirement we need is that we need to have some sort of stage to be able to perform and in order to prevent having any possible safety or security issues, the Fire Acts can be performed either indoor or outdoor as long as those requirements are met. Appreciate stunning entertainers from Melbourne as they perform these amazing Fire Shows that will set your night ablaze! Book a Melbourne Fire Show today!Melbourne Fire Performances Fire Shows and Fire Dancers

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Melbourne Fire Shows

Melbourne Fire Shows

Melbourne Fire Acts

Melbourne Fire Shows

Our Melbourne Fire Shows are easy to book

Razed In Flames hosts the absolute best Fire Shows available in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our performances and how well they are executed. Creating spectacular showcases of art, our Fire Acts in Melbourne are absolutely stunning in many ways. The experts that present Melbourne Fire Shows have been performing In the professional workplace for over a decade! With the learning of Cirque quality presentation techniques and our comprehension of the corporate environment, you can expect to be only the best!

Talk to the entertainer who began it all..

Adam Lobo, founder of Razed in Flames, is in charge of handling the booking processes. Send in a request for entertainment and Adam will walk you through the procedure for booking one of our Melbourne Fire Acts. Adam is a professional entertainer himself and has done innumerable shows for private, corporate and at home occasions during his 12 years of performing. Adam knows exactly what you require to make your gathering or occasion one that is remembered for years to come. Having vast knowledge of venue necessities,  making booking a Melbourne Fire Show with Razed In Flames a breeze. With insurance, Safe Work Technique Documentation and Specialized Tech Riders effectively in place to accommodate for most venues, booking will not be an issue when you contract one of our Melbourne Fire Shows.

Ensure your occasion is grand this year, talk with us to book one of our Melbourne Fire Shows today and guarantee your occasion shines as brilliant as can be!

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Melbourne Fire Performances Fire Shows and Fire Dancers

Melbourne Fire Shows are presented by Razed in Flames.

The very best Melbourne Fire Acts are what you get when you book with us. Make the decision to book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Melbourne Fire Shows to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.

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