Perth Fire Dancers in action

Elegant grace and roaring power from our Perth fire dancers.

Razed in Flames brings you the best Perth Fire Dancers.With their beautiful costumes combining with their prowess over the fire, our Perth fire dancers are guaranteed to enhance and enchant your upcoming event. We make sure that you and your guests are truly amazed while we weave our magic into your venue. We provide exceptional entertainment for your guests while adhering to our strict safety standards.

Over the last 10 years, Razed in Flames has taught many Perth fire dancers how to entertain and prepare for a future in the entertainment industry. Our focus on entertainment seeped into the practitioners we trained and developed… providing them with the unique ability to effortlessly bend and manipulate the fire while keeping up the gusto for you and your guests entertainment. Get in touch to guarantee that one of our Perth fire dancers are available to entertain at your event.

Need something special? Book our Perth fire dancers.

At Razed in Flames, we know that a band or a DJ will cater to the needs of every event… and with that in mind, we have just the thing for you. Our Perth fire dancers are just what the doctor ordered! We create amazing entertainment with you in mind. Your guests will pat you on the back for the deliciously talented entertainment you scouted for your special day. Look no further for that unique niche entertainment… Perth fire dancers from Razed in Flames have you covered.

Perth fire dancers for hire

We make it easy to have our Perth fire dancers at your event!

A variety of ways to hire our Perth fire dancers.With our extensive industry experience in the world of fire entertainment, we know whats important when the time comes to jump through the hoops and red tape associated with some higher class venues. Check out our safety page for a quick and brief overview that will put your concerns at ease. When you have decided that you would definitely like to hire our Perth fire dancers, get in touch with us to begin the procedure. We will send you our insurances, risk assessment and tech rider to help you talk to your venue about our services. If you want, we can handle the venue liaison ourselves too! We know just what to do to keep the venue happy, we have the experience from all of the prestigious venues we have graced over the years with our Perth fire dancers.

Perth Fire Dancers in Action!We know that not every event works the same way… as such, we have the following ways to deliver our Perth fire dancers into the flow of your event!

With our Perth fire dancers, you can choose or combine any of the following:

  • Stage Show – This is the big one guys! Our Perth fire dancers deliver a choreographed to music show on your stage for all of your wonderful guests.
  • Ambient Performance – Have a medium to large sized event? Tell us the primary performance locations and we will have our Perth fire dancers work their magic in the area you specify.
  • Meet and Greet – Need something explosively entertaining at the entrance to your event? Perhaps Perth fire dancers on either side of the entrance will provide that magic from the very start.

Get in touch today to secure your event date and ensure that our Perth fire dancers will be there!