Bringing you the very best Fire Dancers in Melbourne!

Here at Razed in Flames, we are proud to affiliate the Melbourne Fire Dancers. These unique and talented individuals will really make your event one for the books. Give your event something special and make it a memorable one by booking our Melbourne Fire Dancers!

Originating in Adelaide, Razed in Flames now spreads all over Australia and is expanding overseas in the United States. Our Melbourne Fire Dancers will bring a fresh and exciting flare to your event, filled with art and beauty, these artists will really raise the bar for any future events.Creating fantastic shows for over 10 years, these artists will bring excellent entertainment to your event. Presenting magical and  breathtaking performances, the Melbourne Fire Dancers will ensure your event isn’t forgotten. Full of excitement and vivid showcasing of skills, our dancers will bring tons of excitement to you and your guests.

Sometimes you need that something special to truly making your next event great, Our Melbourne Fire Dancers deliver just that! Events are something to plan and think about months in advance,  and when planning the event you will undoubtedly realize the need for quality entertainment. This is where Razed in Flames comes into play. Proving multiple options for any occasion, our Melbourne Fire Dancers can play for just about any occasion! The most popular type of events we do are Weddings, Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Birthday Parties, and Council Events. We work with you on the night to deliver flexible and professional service that astounds and amazes again and again.

Why choose to book our Melbourne fire dancers?

You want the best and that is exactly what you will get when booking our Fire Dancers. With a variety of options and ways we can entertain, we give you the opportunity to shift your focus to the most important aspect of your event.. your guests! Along with taking care of the entertainment, we provide the venue with all the assurance they need to allow your event to host one of our Melbourne fire dancers. Talk to us about where you are going to be having your event and we will  take care of all the hard stuff so you wont need to worry about it.

We know that you will have a specific way you envision how your event will turn out and how our Melbourne fire dancers are going to work within your event. Send us a message so we can work with you to develop a solution that ensures your preference is catered to. However… over the years we have had the opportunity to see what works and what works best! Most often we provide Melbourne fire dancers to deliver one of the following display approaches

Meet and Greet ;

The Melbourne fire dancers will make the entry to your event truly spectacular! Make your guests feel enchanted from the moment they arrive. Our Dancers will perform during your guests arrival and will really make there entrance feel like a special one.

Roving Entertainers  ;

This is the way to go if you have a large crowd that needs to be entertained over a longer period of time without detracting from the flow of the night. The entertainers will move throughout your event with small to medium sized props that allow them to entertain on the move.

Ambient Performances ;

Have a large event that needs something exciting at strategic locations throughout the venue? Let us know the spots you need the magic to happen at and we will have our Melbourne fire dancers localize their enchantment to that spot.

Stage Show ;

This is the best way to really show you mean business! Select one of our performance times and the number of performers and watch the excitement unfold from your stage or designated performance area.

Get in touch with Razed in Flames today to enable your next event will be Astounding!

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Melbourne Fire Dancers

Our Melbourne Fire Dancers are easy to book

Razed In Flames provides amazing the most astounding Fire Dancing Melbourne has to offer. These talented and spectacular individuals will blow you and your audience away with how they “play with fire”. The Fire Dancing experts in Melbourne have been performing for years, learning and practicing Cirque quality performances.

Talk to the entertainer who started  it all here at Razed in Flames. Send a request for entertainment to us and it will go straight to our founder Adam Lobo. Adam will walk you through the procedure of booking a Fire Dancing performance for your event. As a professional entertainer himself, and with his comprehension of the corporate environment, he will make booking your Melbourne Fire Dancers a breeze. Adam has done many shows for private, corporate and home occasions during his many years of performing. Knowing exactly what you require, his aim is to make your gathering or occasion the one to remember. Adam has knowledge of venue needs and makes it simpler and less of a hassle for booking a show with Razed In Flames. With insurance, Safe Work Technique Explanations, and Specialized Execution Riders effectively settled for most venues, booking is a breeze when you contract with our team at Razed In Flames.

Let us make sure your occasion is huge this year, talk with Adam to book a Fire Dancing Performance today. We guarantee  if you book with us, your occasion will blaze as brilliant as could be expected!

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Melbourne Fire Dancing is presented by Razed in Flames.

The very best Fire Dancing in Melbourne is what you get when you book with us. Make sure that you book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Fire Dancers in Melbourne to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.