Melbourne Fire Performers from Razed in Flames.

Captivate the guests at your next function with one of our Melbourne Fire Performers! Hosted by Razed in Flames, our friendly and professional fire Performers will ensure that your next affair will be a total success. Leaving your guests with vivid memories that will last a lifetime, your event will surely be one to remember for the ages.

Make your event really stand out by booking one of our Melbourne Fire Performers! Presenting a performance that is unique and filled with beauty, the Melbourne Fire Performers will create a show unlike any other. Whether it’s for a wedding,  party or a simple social gathering, give it a little something extra by booking a Fire Performer through Razed in Flames to ensure your next event is something to be remembered.

Razed in Flames has been providing top quality Fire Performers for over ten years. Originating in Adelaide, Razed in Flames is now expanded all over Australia and is now gaining momentum in the United States! Having sourced the most talented performers in the area, Razed in flames can assure you will get the best for your event.

Have a vision on how you want the event? Send us a message! Here at Razed in Flames, we have all the time in the world available to helping you make an event fantastic So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our representatives to secure one of our Melbourne Fire Performers!

We understand that every occasion is different in terms and ideas to making it successful. Let us tailor one of our Melbourne Fire Performers to suit your requirements

All of our Melbourne Fire Performers are able to be customized to suit your needs. Here at Razed in Flames we can offer few options to choose from;

Meeting and Greeting:

Our Artists will perform and amaze your guests as soon as they arrive to the event. Usually using a gentle prop like poi or solo fire eating to get things cooking. There are are many other performing props to choose from if those don’t suit your needs.

Roving Performers:

Ideal for Corporate or classier events, performers will really interact with the crowds. Usually the most interactive form of performing by interacting with the crowd, your guests will have a enjoyable time. Whether its by fire eating or using chi balls, these artists bring a lot of fun to the party.

Ambient Showings:

For events that are more relaxed or slower pacing, Ambient Performances are perfect for what you are looking for. Tending to be somewhat less engaging, these artists will perform a graceful and calm showing just in the background. Performing in absolute perfect sequences we can make sure your event will go as planned and beyond your guests expectations.

Stage Shows:

These performances are  typically up on stage with more choreography towards a group. Usually on a main stage, showing off skill and talent, these showings are our most popular for larger events. Using multiple props instead of just one, this will really put on a show and take your event attendees on a journey.
If none of these options suit your needs, remember you can always throw us a message! We can meet your requirements and help make your event fantastic!

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Melbourne Fire Performers

Melbourne Fire Performance is easy to book

Over the years, Razed in Flames have worked with Melbourne Fire Performers in a few venues and events. Our long history in the world of professional fire entertainment has given us the experience needed to make booking one of our Melbourne Fire Performers remarkably simple.

For further inquires about our Brisbane Fire Performers, contact the man who started it all..

Adam Lobo, Founder of Razed in Flames, is in charge of handling all the booking on our site. Adam has been performing  for over 12 years and has done countless private, corporate, and home events. He will help make the booking process for our Melbourne Fire Performers simple and help make your event one to remember. We carry full insurance, Safe Work Method Statements and Technical Performance Riders that already established for most venues. Send in a message today to begin your booking for the Fire Performers of Melbourne to make your next event one to remember!

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Melbourne Fire Performance is presented by Razed in Flames.

The very best Melbourne Fire Performers is what you get when you book with us. Make sure that you book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Melbourne Fire Performers to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.