Melbourne Fire Twirling presented by Razed in Flames.

Melbourne Fire Twirling, presents a unique and artistic group of individuals who have been Performing for over 10 years, these Fire Twirlers are ideal for adding a bit of something to amp up your event.
Constantly developing Melbourne Fire Twirlers is a one of a kind art to witness. Filled with artistic excellence, Fire Twirling is an unique demonstration filled with skilled accuracy of body movement and modern choreography with the utilization of fire.

Majestic and Gorgeous Performances;

Melbourne Fire Twirlers, during there performances, present a feeling of peace as they dance with fire. These performances will stun and amaze you and your guests. Controlling various props, our entertainers will have the ability to keep your event filled with energy for a considerable length of time. Even though the Fire Twirling community is gaining momentum, it takes a considerable amount of devotion and aptitude to achieve a level of mastery to be able to perform at the cirque quality our entertainers do. Book our Melbourne Fire Twirlers today to guarantee your occasion will be one for the books.

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Melbourne Fire Twirling Performers

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Viewers young and old will enjoy and become awestruck at the Melbourne Fire Twirlers!

Despite the fact that Fire Twirling is somewhat of a vague explanation, Fire Twirlers come in many sorts and all have their own particular style and flow. Bringing a feeling of amazement into each move they do, every performance makes a unique presentation of how one can really move. The Melbourne Fire Twirlers can perform at any location, regardless of whether it’s indoor or outside, we can meet your requirements. Melbourne Fire Twirlers are constantly intending to enhance their quality, and are always making an effort to creating an outstanding show. We guarantee your visitors will be astonished by these outstanding performances.

Razed in Flames offers the best Melbourne Fire Twirlers available. Priding ourselves on our one of a kind and unique presentations, Razed in Flames provides only the best. Performing at innumerable occasions throughout the years for corporate and private events, Melbourne Fire Twirlers are notorious for leaving guests astonished. Additionally, we dress for the occasion, regardless of whether it’s a classy suit and tie or a full out costume, we can meet your event’s needs. Guaranteed satisfaction, Melbourne Fire Twirlers are exactly what you need to make your event a roaring success.

For further inquiries about our Melbourne Fire Twirlers, contact the man who began it all..

Adam Lobo, Founder of Razed in Flames, is in charge of handling booking procedures. Adam has been performing for over 12 years and has done countless private, corporate, and home performances. He will help make the booking procedure for our Melbourne Fire Twirlers simple and help make your event as perfect as you envision it. We carry full insurance, Safe Work Method Statements, and Technical Performance Riders that effectively settled for most venues. Send in a message today to begin your booking process for the Fire Twirlers of Melbourne!

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The very best Fire Twirlers are who you get when you hire with us. Make sure that you book Melbourne Fire Twirling with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Melbourne Fire Twirlers to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.