Presenting Sydney Fire Performers from Razed in Flames.

Astounding and absolutely stellar, Razed in Flames is happy to announce our Sydney Fire Performers. Filled with light and beauty, these Fire Performers are unlike any you have ever witnessed. Providing variations of outstanding entertainment, ensure your next event is one to remember by booking a Sydney Fire Performer today.

Our team at Razed in Flames is focused on only providing the best, and that is what you will get when you book one of our Sydney Fire Performers. Producing  outstanding performances, the Sydney Fire Performers will provide fantastic works of art for you and your event. Performing for over 10 years, the Sydney Fire Performers are seasoned to present themselves for events of all types. Whether its a small private house party or a huge festival with thousands of people, these artistic individuals are perfect for any event.

Why book a Sydney Fire Performer?

Booking a Sydney Fire Performer will ensure your next event will be one to be remembered. Using Cirque quality techniques and manipulating multiple props, the Sydney Fire Performers will present a beautiful show. You want the best, and the best is exactly what you will get when you book through the Razed in Flames network. We  have been presenting nothing but the best Fire Performances for over ten years, the Sydney Fire Performers are no exception. Performing not just at party like events, the Sydney Fire Performers also entertain at corporate events, our Fire Performers dress for any and all occasions

Providing various types of performances, the Sydney Fire Performers can provide the entertainment needed for any event.

Not only using fire, our Sydney Performers also use LED props! Whether its because of a fire ban or just would prefer to not use fire, we can meet your requirements by using LED props that will real bewilder your guests. Our Sydney Fire Performers are able to provide multiple types of entertainment for events, here are some of our more popular selections..

Meet & Greet;

Our Sydney Fire Performers will enchant your guests the moment they arrive, performing at the gate or door, they will ensure your guests feel welcomed and amazed from the moment they arrive.

Roving Performance;

The Sydney Fire performers will showcase their talent as they walk around the venue, interacting with your guests, they will ensure your guests are entertained throughout the event.

Stage Performances;

Typically performing on a main stage, Stage Performances are used to grab the attention of everyone at once. This option is our most popular for festivals and bigger gatherings.

Ambient Performances;

This type of performance is most favoured for more downtempo events. Performing in the background, our Sydney Fire Performers will give a more graceful background show for your event. This selection is most favored for Corporate events.

If none of these options suit your needs, shoot us a message! We have all the time in the world to help you. Here at Razed in Flames, we make it easy for you to book our Fire Performers. Book a Sydney Fire Performer today to really make your event shine.

Beautiful, Graceful, Powerful and Professional Sydney Fire Performers

Sydney Fire Performers are easy to book

Contact Razed in Flames today to ensure a Performer is secured for your upcoming event. We make it easy and affordable to have a Sydney Fire Performance prepared for your big day. Send in a contact form today to Razed in Flames and talk to the man who started it all. Adam Lobo, Founder of Razed in Flames has been performing for over 12 years for Corporate and private events. Knowing exactly what your next event will need, Adam can help meet any venue requirements. Having insurance, Safe Work Technique Documentation and Specialized Tech Riders, we have everything prepared to make it that much easier to book a Sydney Fire Performance. Ensure your next event is remembered for years to come, book a fire performance through Razed in Flames TODAY!

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Sydney Fire Performance is presented by Razed in Flames.

The very best Sydney Fire Performers is what you get when you book with us. Make sure that you book with Razed in Flames when you are hiring your Sydney Fire Performers to ensure EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.