Brisbane Fire Shows

Brisbane fire showsBrisbane fire shows by the best in the business.

Welcome to Razed in Flames, your premier Brisbane fire shows provider. We have been providing fire shows to Brisbane and the rest of Australia for over 10 years now. Our performers are trained in the arcane arts by the best in the international fire & circus world. Brisbane fire shows captivate and amaze your guests for you with their enchantment, beauty and skill. Look no further! We have your entertainment needs covered with our Brisbane fire shows!

When you need something to really ignite your night, book one of our Brisbane fire shows!

Your guests are the most important part of your event, and I am sure you are looking to give them the most memorable experience possible at your special night. We help you complete this task by giving you outstanding entertainment with our Brisbane fire shows. Our entertainers can help you keep the night exciting and rich with otherworldly magic from the minds of the artists that perform in our Brisbane fire shows. We take care of the spellbinding entertainment so you can focus on being with your wonderful attendees.Book a fire show NOW

Booking one of our Brisbane fire shows couldn’t be easier.

Razed in Flames has been in the fire entertainment business for over a decade now and we know just how to make sure your event can have the amazement it deserves. We take care of all the hard stuff that the venue may need to ensure our Brisbane fire shows can happen at your chosen location. Check out our safety page for assurance should you be at all concerned about weather or not your venue can host our Brisbane fire shows. Once you have decided to show your guests your wondrous entertainment selection get in touch with Razed in Flames to discuss the finer details and put us in touch with the venue so we can begin briefing them on the safety requirements.

Brisbane Fire ShowsChoose the best way our fire shows will enchant your event.

We have had a variety of different requests over the years in our field that have had us perform in a variety of different ways. The most popular methods fit into almost every events flow of the evening. You can choose any of the following delivery methods or get in touch to discuss your ideas for the night.

Various ways to use the artists that perform in our Brisbane fire shows

  • Roving entertainers – The artists performing in our Brisbane fire shows you book will perform throughout your venue during your event with smaller instruments that allow them to glide effortlessly among your guests.
  • Meet and greet – The artists will set up at the entrance of your occasion. They will perform beautiful fire for your guests as they enter your venue. This is a great way to make sure you set the standard of the night from the very beginning.
  • Ambient performers – Let us know the layout or floor-plan of your event and we will help you to choose the best locations to place ambient performers. Our Brisbane fire shows artists will stay in that spot during the course of the booking entertaining your guests as the perform the most glorious of fire art
  • Stage shows – This is the show stopping solution! The lights go down and the stage is set as the artists from our Brisbane fire shows enter the stage area. You feel the calmness before the show starts, as the music for the stage show begins the amazement begins.
Contact us now to secure your night of entertainment with one of our beautiful Brisbane fire shows!