Ney York City fire breathers

Looking for Event Entertainment Options? Think New York City Fire Breathers!

Events can get to be boring if there’s no entertainment in the picture, and this holds true for all kinds of events, be it parties, weddings, and even corporate gatherings. This does not go to say that you end up providing any kind of entertainment, and this is simply because not all kinds of entertainment find enough takers. After all, while some options have been done to death, some just don’t cut it. This, though, is not the case when you hire New York City fire breathers, and when you include NYC fire breathers in the scheme of things, you’ve got a certain winner.

What Do New York City Fire Breathers Do?

Witnessing New York City fire breathers in action is mesmerizing, to say the least, and you should know that what they do requires a fair amount of expertise. All good fire breathers spend hours practicing and honing their skills, as should be the case when it comes to performing in front of people. Fire breathing involves considerable risk, and if you’re planning on hiring fire breathers, it is best that you stay away from beginners and amateurs.

New York City fire breathers rely on two basic components to get their acts going, which include a flame and some fuel. The use of paraffin wax is favored by many NYC fire breathers, and what you essentially see is mouthful of fuel blown over flame, which can result in fiery pillars, plumes, or a fire show

Razed in Flames and Fire Breathers

Razed in Flames is run by a professional fire performer, one who has more than a decade’s experience behind him. With roots in Australia, Razed in Flames has made steady inroads in the US, and when it comes to hiring New York City fire breathers, you really don’t have to look any further. All New York City fire breathers who are part of this network go through a careful selection process before getting on-board, and the fact that they carry all required forms of insurance covers acts as an effective safeguard. Besides, Razed in Flames gives you multiple alternatives when it comes to hiring fire breathers.

 NYC Fire Breathers and Hiring Alternatives

Hiring New York City fire breathers through Razed in Flames is simple, and you get three basic options from which to choose.

NYC Fire BreathersMeet and greet: Getting your event off to a good start plays a crucial role in how well it goes, and hiring New York City fire breathers in the form of meet and greet artists gives your event the start it needs.

Roving: Hiring fire breathers in the form of roving performers ensures that the entertainment keeps going on for as long as required.

Stage: On stage, you can witness fire breathers interacting with fire eaters, fire dancers, fire twirlers, and more.

Hiring New York City fire breathers ensures that your event does not get anywhere near boring. For more information, contact a rep from Razed in Flames now.