Looking for a Great Entertainment Idea? Hire a Syracuse Fire Juggler

In this part of the world, where events are a regular occurrence, the need for out-of-the-box entertainment continues to grow. This is simply because the tried and tested have been tried way too often, thereby losing all appeal. Just music and a dance floor, you should know, doesn’t quite cut it either. Hiring a Syracuse fire juggler or more, on the other hand, can help provide more than effective entertainment at your next event, and if you’re not sure about what to expect from a Syracuse fire juggler, continue reading.

Syracuse fire jugglerWhat Does a Syracuse Fire Juggler Do?

Juggling, in itself, is not easy to master, so you can only imagine what a Syracuse fire juggler is up against. The most common form of fuel used for fire juggling in the US is Coleman fuel, or white gas, and torches that a Syracuse fire juggler uses are typically dowsed in this fuel. The wicks are normally made using cotton or Kevlar para-aramid.

You can also come by a Syracuse fire juggler who juggles balls, and while some jugglers use gloves for the same, not all do. Juggling fire balls is simpler than juggling clubs, although the performances look just as impressive. When it comes to hiring a Syracuse fire juggler or more, Razed in Flames can help.

A Little about Razed in Flames

Razed in Flames, with roots in Australia, is continuing to increase its American presence, and through its network of fire performers you can hire a Syracuse fire juggler or more. When you hire a Syracuse fire juggler through Razed in Flames you get to deal with some of the best performers, and what you can be certain of is that these performers are highly trained and leave nothing to chance. To offer peace of mind, these performers also carry all requisite insurance covers.

Hiring a Syracuse Fire Juggler

Razed in Flames gives you the ability to hire a Syracuse fire juggler for all kinds of events, be it corporate gatherings, private parties, or weddings. To simplify the hiring process you have three basic options.

Syracuse fire jugglerMeet and greet artists: If you want people at your event to be entertained from the word go, hire a Syracuse fire juggler in the form of a meet and greet artist.

Roving performers: When you hire a Syracuse fire juggler as a roving performer you can be sure that the entertainment goes on for as long as the event does. These performers move around the venue, entertaining people in every corner.

Stage shows: Stage shows can be tailor made as per your needs, and in addition to fire juggling, they can also incorporate fire dancing, fire twirling, fire eating, and fire breathing. These shows don’t necessarily require too much in the form of space, and they never fail to produce the wow effect.

If you wish to hire a Syracuse fire juggler or more, or to find out more, contact a representative from Razed in Flames now.