Sydney Fire Acts

Elegant and Breathtaking Sydney Fire ActsSydney Fire Acts

Beautiful dancers shrouded in fire and mystery enchant and entice your attendees with their affinity for the flame. A Sydney Fire Act from Razed in Flames will leave your guests spellbound with magic and appreciation for you as a stellar host/hostess. You need to make sure you are ready for the countless pats on the back for providing such amazing entertainment to everyone.

Sydney Fire Acts brought to you by Razed in Flames

Razed in Flames specializes in providing you with the very Best Sydney Fire Acts around. We have scoured the performers of the region and sifted through them to ensure you only receive top notch Sydney Fire Acts. Our extensive networks allow you to guarantee your guests amazement and wonder with one of our extreme Sydney Fire Acts. Book a Sydney Fire Act today to ensure you and your guests don’t miss out on the date. Contact a rep from Razed in Flames today to lock in your event date!

Meet and Greet or Stage show Sydney Fire Acts

Sydney Fire Acts provided by Razed in Flames are able to be presented in a variety of formats for your event. We can provide the full entertainment package for you by combining all of the following together if you are up for the big win! Acts by Razed in Flames can be presented in:

  • Roving Entertainers
  • Meet and Greet fiery characters
  • Stage Show – for maximum effect
  • Ambient Performers stations throughout your venue.

Sydney Fire Acts Sydney Fire Acts are easy to bookBook a fire show NOW!

At Razed in Flames, we deal with all sorts of different venues and situations. Our history in the fire entertainment world has provided us with the tools to make booking one of our Sydney Fire Acts a breeze. We have prepared all of the required documents to keep your venue happy with hosting our Acts indoors or outdoors. Check our SAFETY page for our Risk assessment and more details to ensure one of our Sydney Fire Acts are able to liven up your event!