Sydney Fire Eaters

Sydney Fire EatersCheck out our hot and spicy Sydney fire eaters.

Here at Razed in Flames, we love spicy food… and eating fire of course! With over 10 years of experience, our mouths have toughened up and can now handle the hottest of foods, like coal, embers and petrol! lol. In all honesty, we really do enjoy eating fire. The greatest joy comes from seeing you and your guests’ expressions when we extinguish the torch with nothing but our mouth! We mix up the fire eating with other fire dancing equipment to make sure the entertainment is as exciting as possible. Get in touch to see what our Sydney fire eaters can do to spice up your night!

Sydney fire eaters are a great choice for unique entertainment.

We know that you are looking for something different, unique and a little bit crazy! That’s why you are here viewing this page of course. With this in mind, we have developed just the right thing for you to add that sense of uniqueness to your event. Our Sydney fire eaters can be included as part of a fire entertainment package for you to enchant your guests’ night with. We provide fire dancers, fire breathers and fire performances galore! Ask us how you can get one of our Sydney fire eaters to bring their whole show with them on the night or even prepare additional artists for extreme entertainment.

Different ways to book our Sydney fire eaters.Book a fire show now

Sometimes the way to implement the entertainment is not entirely clear. When making the decision to book our Sydney fire eaters, you may wonder what the best way to showcase your entertainment choice to your guests is. Because of this, we have prepared several different performance delivery options for you to choose from.

Meet and greet – We will place the Sydney fire eaters at the entrance of your party to ensure the heat is felt from the moment your guests arrive.

Stage show – Professionally choreographed routines to simply astound. These require access to the venues sound system along with dimmed lights to enhance the presentation.

Roving performers – Small fire dancing equipment allows our Sydney fire eaters to provide walkabout entertainment.

Ambient displays – Tell us where and when and we will have our Sydney fire eaters light up the locations you choose for the allocated time frame.

Sydney Fire Eaters

Pure professionalism with our Sydney fire eaters.

Your event deserves the very best entertainment available. By choosing to hire Sydney fire eaters from Razed in Flames, you can assure you will be getting just that. Our 10 years in the industry have given us the experience to safely implement our talents at your event, wherever it is being held. Get in touch with us to initiate the booking process and we will send you our safe work method statement and our insurances to provide to your venue. This will assist the venue of your choice to welcome our Sydney fire eaters with open arms. If you like, we can even handle the liaison with the venue ourselves, simply tell us where and when and we will handle it from there.

Make contact with the directors of Razed in Flames today to ensure your event gets astounding enchantment from our Sydney fire eaters!