Sydney Fire Entertainers

Sydney Fire Entertainers from Razed in FlamesSydney Fire Entertainers

Razed in Flames bring you the very best Fire Entertainers in Sydney. We have looked through the available entertainers in the area several times over to find you the very best Sydney Fire Entertainers to make your event a stunning success. We love presenting the amazing skills and performance disciplines that our Entertainers have to offer. Our Sydney Fire Entertainers are focused on one thing and one thing only… your complete satisfaction and amazement at your event.

Meet and Greet Sydney Fire Entertainers

From the moment they arrive, enchant your guests with brightness and fiery awe as they witness some of our Sydney Fire Entertainers during their entrance into your spectacular event! Meet and Greet Sydney Fire Entertainers can last as long as your guests arrive when booked in pairs. During this time they will have beautiful and amazing fire entertainment happening at all times. This ensures your guests are captivated by your event from the very moment they step out of their cars. This is the very best way to open up your event… enchant them with fire from the first encounter.

Sydney Fire Entertainers

Roving Sydney Fire Entertainers

During the course of your event, you can choose a time frame that you would like the Fire Entertainers to move throughout your venue. Over the course of this time they will use their magic and character to encounter your attendees in intimate performances. You will watch as your guests are delighted by the occurrence of a Entertainer providing a small but personal entertainment session for them before preparing to entertain the next lot of guests. You can use their allocated time on site as you wish with performances happening at locations of your choice. We pride our selves with timing and are FLEXIBLE and work with you on the night to ensure you are beyond satisfied with your implementation of one of our Roving Sydney Fire Entertainers.

Sydney Fire Entertainers Stage Show Extravaganza!Book a fire show NOW!

Solo choreographed Fire Entertainers provide quite the spectacle. Consider a duo or even a 4 person stage show to really make the night ignite! Fire Entertainers, when booked for a stage show, provide you with spectacular choreographed daredevil performances. They come with music prepared for their performance and simply plug into the venue’s existing sound setup. This is the most exciting form of our presentations! When combined with proper lighting and your eager audience, the Sydney Fire Entertainers Stage Show Extravaganza will pack the most punch for your entertainment needs with hard hitting and beautiful¬†Sydney Fire Entertainers.