Sydney Fire Twirlers

Sydney Fire TwirlersSpark up your event with our Sydney fire twirlers.

Sometimes you need that extra spark to make sure your event’s night is as memorable as can be. Our Sydney fire twirlers are just the thing to make sure that is indeed the case. We have a passion for entertaining that is reflected in our amazing presentations and displays of our ancient art. Sydney fire twirlers have been performing their unique art for Razed in Flames for over 10 years now. With our history and experience in entertaining all ages, our Sydney fire twirlers have you sorted for entertainment at your next event.

Sydney fire twirlers know how to ignite your night.

Be it a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, our Sydney fire twirlers have a variety of entertainment ready to help make your event shine. The benefit of our Sydney fire twirlers will be long remembered after the special day. We prepare chroeographed routines ready to amaze your friends, family and acquaintances at your favorite venue. We can perform at your home, your ceremony hall or even your favorite club. Ask us how we can implement our unique performance craft for your special upcoming day.

Our fire twirlers are the pinnacle of safe danger!

You and your guests enchantment is assured while our Sydney fire twirlers dance between danger and joy, heat and magic, you and the fire. Your guests will appreciate your choice to choose such an engaging and talent based performance from our Sydney fire twirlers.

Book a fire show nowChoose the way that our Sydney fire twirlers will work for you.

Our fire twirlers have a variety of different ways they can help make your event a success. They are familiar with the needs of all sizes of events and as a result of our history catering for those events we have developed the following options for you to choose from.

Sydney Fire TwirlersMeet and greet – if you need to make sure your guests are entertained from the moment they arrive ask us about how our meet and greet Sydney fire twirlers can help.

Ambient entertainers – We give you the option to choose where you want to localize our Sydney fire twirlers at your event. They will take up residence at the strategic entertainment locations throughout your event.

Roving performers – Our Sydney fire twirlers can provide your event with walkabout entertainment that has our performers moving throughout your venue with smaller pieces of fire dancing equipment that allow for intimate interactions with your guests.

Stage shows – This is the big bang of our entertainment services. We will prepare a routine to perform on stage during the prime time of your event.

Get in touch with our directors at Razed in Flames today. We will assist you with choosing the best Sydney fire twirlers entertainment option for your event.