About Adam Lobo

Adam Lobo Headshot


Adam Lobo is the director of Razed in Flames.

An entertainer himself, performances by Adam Lobo are intensely captivating, magic and powerful.

Adam’s intimate relationship with the fire element reflects in his spellbinding performances.


With effortless control of the many props he uses, Adam finds timeless moments betwixt fire, danger, skill & grace and uses them to connect with members of the audience in a truly unique way.

Personalized enchanting moments are shared between Adam and members of the audience while he performs. Adam blows kisses of fire between unimaginable feats all while exhibiting a calm sense of potent power over the stage and his audience’s emotions.

Adam performs on his own or with any number of his peers in beautiful bespoke costumes with a variety of one of a kind fire props.

Adam’s performance props include:

  • Fire Katana (speed, form and power are displayed through the simplest of ancient tools, but on fire!)
  • Fire Three-Section-Staff (ancient weapon used by the Shaolin monks)
  • Tai-Chi Folding Fans (Fabric Fans that Crack and Snap to emphasise movement)
  • Hollow Fire Eating Wands (truly amazing fire eating tricks that you would never think possible… imagine a dragon if you will)
  • Fire Magic (sparkles, fire from nothing, explosions and more!)
  • Fire Dragonstaff (rolling wheels of fire on either end of a long staff)
  • Fire Doublestaff (heavy focus on high skill geometry based manipulation with injections of flair, fun, sexiness and seriousness )
  • Fire Contact staff (elegant manipulation of a long fire staff with no hands. Rolling the staff on the arms, shoulders, neck and body to create beautiful movements of grace and control)

In addition to a world class fire performer, Adam is also a teacher, entrepreneur and prop maker.

Adam identifies, coaches and prepares talented individuals in the aspects of stage presence, performance techniques, high level prop Adam Lobo 1920's Fire Performermanipulation and costumes. Adam then facilitates the client to performer liaison, paperwork and deployment of these talented individuals. Adam Lobo is the individual who created Razed in Flames. Now Adam is working diligently on the Propagation project while continuing perform and broker talent through Razed in Flames.

Prop manufacture and flow arts propagation is another of Adam’s primary focuses. The Spiral Dragon, Tri-force Torch, Hidden Fire Eating Sword and many others have been birthed from this skilled practitioner’s mind.

Raised by the Flame, Adam is a Grand Master of the Arcane Arts & one of the 5 Fire Eating Masters.

With mastery of several of the fire performance arts, Adam has mastered the skill of Fire Eating and is pioneering this arcane art while raising the standard of Fire Eaters around the world. Drawing on the concept of fear management and the technique of ultimate breath control, Lobo has perfected the taking in of the fire and the shaping of its discharge through knowledge of the physics of the flame and the boundaries of the human condition. Adam is also the creator and caretaker of the Fire Eating Group on Facebook… here, new skills and insights are shared to the community with intent to bring us all to a new level together.

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