Book Entertainment

Welcome to the bookings page

As you configure your booking, the system will generate the service fee for you. The total will be populated according to: Performance Format(s) + Number of performers + Length of Show + Special Effects (if selected).

After you complete the booking process, the information will be lodged in our CALENDAR system with an auto reminder 1 week before your event. We will get in touch then to make sure everything is in order leading up to the performance.

In addition to this, the information provided by you will be auto-fired to our accounting software XERO. An INVOICE for your booking will be generated and AUTO POPULATED with the info you provided… HOW COOL IS THAT! Because of this, please MAKE SURE TO TAKE CARE when entering the information… we take no responsibility for incorrect information being provided… which is EXACTLY why we have chosen to create this booking method. This way it’s ALL IN YOUR HANDS as the customer – which is the way it should be¬† ūüėČ

Prior to submitting your booking, you need to REVIEW and UNDERSTAND the following documents: