Fire Eating Lessons

Fire eating lessons will help you heat up your act and burn away the competition!

Learn FIRE EATING from world leading fire eating instructor Adam Lobo. Offering sessions that will make you the hottest in your industry. I have taught high level fire eating to Circus Professionals, Burlesque Artists, Sideshow Practitioners and more

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Fire Eating Lessons are available by appointment only. 


Fire Eating is one of the trickiest things to attain mastery at within the fire arts. It not only requires mastery of breath, spacial awareness and timing but also a tough hide, a firm understanding of the unique fuels required and above all a deep personal relationship with your skin’s boundaries.

This workshop seeks to empower those who are game with advanced fire eating knowledge and provide artistic presentation techniques. We will cover various extinguishing techniques done with the mouth and hands, as well as tracing, transfers and how to draw fire in and hold it in the mouth to perform human candles, cannons and dragon puffs.


Lessons Fees:

1 on 1 private sessions with the master at your location:

90 minutes = $160

Group lessons with 5 or more at your location:

90  minutes = $80 per person


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    • Adam Lobo says:

      Hi Mollie, Where are you located? I personally am in the USA now, but have a couple of talented instructors I can refer you to. Please, reply to this comment, and I’ll help you further!

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