Perth Fire Eating & Fire Eaters

Perth Fire Eating & Fire Eaters

Perth Fire Eating

Perth Fire Eating & Fire EatersRazed in Flames is proud to have aboard our crew the Perth Fire Eaters! Our performers showcase Fire Eating with iron mouths and fearless vigor. Demonstrating bright artistic flows, the Perth Fire Eating show is the best you’ll ever see. Book them for your next event to ensure it will be a roaring success.

Perth Fire Eating is one of the unique skill sets present in the world of Fire Performance. Perth Fire Eaters are masters of spatial awareness, timing and breath control. Our performers using unique techniques of Circus quality to demonstrate their art. Razed in Flames providing best Perth Fire Eating show in Australia. We have been carefully choosing every performer. So we have confidence in every member of our team.

Fire Eating should never be taken lightly or dismissed as a skill with a low technical requirement. It is among the rarest and most distinguished of the fire arts. Also, some events need very specific styles of entertainment to be provided. And, our Perth Fire Eating show will make any your event sparkle. Be prepared to witness, with awe, the magic that is presented by the Perth Fire Eating teams from Razed in Flames.

Check out our amazing performers in the videos below or in our Video Gallery Page

Perth Fire Eating show by Razed in Flames

With more than enough experience in this field, Razed in Flames gives you the ability to hire some of the best performers you can find. Performing for over a decade, we have worked at not just corporate events but also many private events. This network of fire performers is spread across various cities in Australia and the US, and it aims to provide entertainment at all kinds of events. The owner of this business, a trained fire performer, understands the importance of aspects like timeliness and professional behavior. So this reflects in all the Fire Eaters you get to hire. To ensure that you can provide entertainment during the course of your event, you get four hiring alternatives.

Our entertainment options to help set the night on fire!


Stage show

Eyes Glued & Jaws Dropped

Entertainers take the stage, the lights dim and the music begins, because choreographed fire shows are the best choice for maximum impact.

Meet & Greet

Start the night right

Position our peformers on both sides of the entrance to your event. This ensures that your guests are welcomed with excitement!

Roving Fire Acts

Walkabout Entertainment 

Fire entertainment professionals work with smaller fire instruments to safely mingle with your crowd. Walkabout style roving fire entertainment.


Ambient Entertainment

Excitement at every corner 

Event's benefit by having fire performers positioned at strategic areas at your venue, because, this will maximize the events atmosphere.

Hire our Perth Fire Eaters

Meet and greet artists: In this avatar, you can witness Perth Fire Eaters welcoming your guests as and when they arrive. This provides an excellent start to any kind of an event.

Roving: Roving performers move from one spot to another, irrespective of the size of the venue. By doing so, they entertain a maximum number of people.

Stage shows: Stage shows organized by Razed in Flames incorporate elements like dance, music, fund, and danger. In addition to Perth Fire Eaters, they also include fire dancers, fire twirlers, fire breathers, and fire jugglers.

Ambient entertainments: Our Perth Fire Eaters will be creating a  special atmosphere all over the place.

Our Fire Performers provide Stage Shows, Ambient Fire, Meet & Greet and Roving Entertainment.

Razed In Flames provides the very best Fire Entertainers in your region. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business, because providing excellence in value, amazement, and professionalism is our passion.

Book our Expert entertainers with confidence. Our professionals provide top-shelf Fire Entertainment solutions, because, they have been putting on EPIC Fire Shows for more than 10 years.

We pridefully promote our services with cirque quality presentation, bespoke costumes, and professional interaction in everything we do!

Talk with our bookings manager, Scarlet.


Send a request for entertainment to Scarlet, and she will walk you through the procedure of booking a Fire Entertainer or a team of choreographed Fire Stage Show Performers. Scarlet has done innumerable shows for private, corporate and at home events during her countless years of performing, and is a professional entertainer herself. With her industry knowledge, she knows exactly how to help make your gathering or occasion the one that is remembered.

Rest assured that Scarlet will work with you closely to walk you through your best booking options and display styles. Equipped with knowledge of high-end venue requirements, safety protocols, insurances and everything else you could think of. Scarlet makes booking a show with Razed In Flames FAST and as simple as can be, so you should get in touch now.

Scarlett Rose Headshot Booking Manager2_2
Ensure your occasion burns bright, talk with Marnie to book a Fire Entertainment package TODAY.
We guarantee your occasion will SPARKLE in the memories of your guests, because you booked with Razed in Flames.


With eloquent delivery of our range of services, we are confident that, your entertainment requirements will be EXCEEDED by our Fire Professionals. If you need to make sure your guests are entertained beyond the limits of their imagination, look no further than Razed in Flames. Just read this review from someone who has seen the entertainment first hand.

"I am a Security Guard providing security at a Venue where Razed in Flames has performed on many occasions. With confidence, I can say he provides an excellent show. And, from a professional viewpoint, he is fully conscious of and diligent of the safety of his patrons. Razed in Flames has my personal recommendation." - Richard

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Perth Fire Eating & Fire Eaters Perth Fire Eating & Fire Eaters Perth Fire Eating & Fire Eaters Perth Fire Eating & Fire Eaters

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